Friday, 27 November 2009

What we do.

We play with toy soldiers! At least, that's what my wife says.

We wargame, once a month, every month. There are a core of about 10 players who turn up 90% of the time, plus several others who grace us with their presence when work/family/rugby will allow.

There are no main periods that we do, between us most things are covered. In November we played 15mm American Rebellion (or Revolution) and 15mm WW2. Next month has a large 15mm Napoleonic game planned. We also game in scales from 1/3000th to 25mm, periods from Ancients to 1980's, on land, sea, in the air and in space!

The picture above is from a large 25mm Ancients game we played in September, involving 6 players and lots of figures.

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