Monday, 7 December 2009

December 12th - Napoleonics & Marlburian

December's games will include both a Napoleonic battle, to be played using the Black Powder set of rules, and a Marlburian game using Rank & File. Gus is setting the Napoleonic game up, as Nathan is pretending to be sick. I have no idea what the forces involved will be, except that one side is very likely to be French! And here is our very own Napoleon!

Vince and Chas (if he is allowed out) will be putting on the Marlburian game. Again, I have no idea which forces they are using, because nobody tells me nothing.


  1. I suspect that picture may have been photo shopped.
    Nathan always wears a hat.

  2. Photoshopped....I dunno what your talking about gunvor! Not me, no sirree!