Saturday, 30 January 2010

Mexico vs America! Hmm, history rewritten

After Chas stood me up, Brett stepped into the breach with his Mexican American War game in 28mm.

Brett & Steve M took the forces of truth and justice and I played the land grabbing Imperialists.

The Mexicans occupied a couple of redoubts and a village with infantry and guns. The boys from the good old US of A formed advanced in line as their guns played along the Mexican positions and a couple of cavalary units covered the flanks. At this point a horde of Mexican cavalry made an appearance on my right and a single unit of horse on my left.

The brave US cavalry met their opposite numbers on each flank and promptly decided to go home.

With first blood to the Mexicans, the US artillery evened the score with some accurate fire sending some of the Mexican horse packing.

On my left my main attack went into a redoubt and promptly came back again. The supports decided standing off and shooting was the best option.

In the centre and my right a vicious fire fight developed and the Mexicans managed to send some cavalry in column around the flank.

With the main battle lines looking very worn and multiple units routing, the Mexican guard came into sight, received an ineffectual volley and regrouped to the rear.

Eventually I carried the redoubt held by Steve's troops on my left, but ground to a halt in the centre and faced advancing Mexicans on my right.

Both sides had received a beasting and retired to their lines to lick their wounds.

The Mexicans had done better than in any of the historical battles. Plans by the "Land of the Free" to rename half of Mexico as California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona, not to mention a doubling of the size of Texas, would have to wait.

Man of the match went to Steve, who sold his soul for a supernatural set of die rolls. His unit in the redoubt single handedly threw back a third of my army.

A good game was had by all and it was nice to play an unusual period to a free flowing set of rules.

As an aside, if Brett offers you a transparent red D10 to roll, hand it back. I rolled 4 ones on the trot with it. It is the devil's dice.


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