Tuesday, 2 March 2010

March 13th Games

It's another month and another game or two. First up is a 25mm War of Spanish Succession game, by Chas, Vince et al. Not sure which rules it is, but I'll bet there are going to be loads of figures on the table and Chas will be in a carriage on a hill sipping fine wine.

The other game will be a first play of Bag the Hun 2. Chocks away, Tally Ho and all that. Dakka dakka dakka willl echo around the room as Gus fails to hit anything again.


  1. There will be 40 odd regiments of foot, a dozen or so of cavalry and seven or eight batteries of guns.
    It will all be in 28mm (is there another scale ?)to "Rank & File" as seen in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Feb 2010 edition.


  2. So loads of figures then. No mention of a carriage for Chas though.

  3. Dont worry the carrage will be there, full of fine wines.