Sunday, 9 October 2011

Battle of Camden 16th August 1780

Battle of Camden 1780
Following our two games of the Battle of Harlem Heights, we concluded the afternoon with the Battle of Camden scenario.
The map from British clearly shows the historical outcome with the collapse of the American militia in the face of Tarleton's regulars leading to the rout of the American main force under Gates.

Map of the battle - British
The forces set up as per Hold the Line with the only notable terrain being the swampy ground on each flank.
Hold the Line Scenario Map
The table set up based on the map above.
The British advance on the militia
This scenario is a straight forward clash of force with both sides looking to destroy enemy units and achieve 6 victory points for the win.

General de Kalb and the first Continental line
I think it is very satisfying when a game gives a very similar result to the historical events. As per the actual battle, the British forces took the initiative, and pressed the American militia on the American left flank. General "Granny" Gates struggled to control more than three of his units each move, reflecting his poor command attributes and found his militia soon in a state of collapse.
General Cornwallis with the British left flank
The American left flank collapse surrendered the 6VP required for a British victory and the game was concluded with a move to spare.

Tarleton commands the British right
This is a very difficult scenario for the American player, when following the historical set up, but then so it should be!


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