Sunday, 12 February 2012

Shoot out in Carterville

This years summer game is a planned Force on Force encounter covering the "Black Hawk Down" scenario. With this in mind we have been gaming this rule set to get up to speed for our planned game. The second club game this weekend was put on by Chas and Vince. 

News reports have come in today of a major clash between coalition forces and insurgents in the small town of Carterville in the North West province of Hyland. It is reported that major fighting occurred between US troops and several hundred militia and insurgents. It is also reported that two US soldiers were killed in today's fighting and that Helicopter gunships were called in to suppress enemy attacks.

A US military report states that the unrest in this previously quiet province is likely to go on for some time and that further troop reinforcements in the area will be launching a surge over the coming weeks to destroy insurgent forces.

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