Thursday, 5 November 2015

Red Coats and the Red Baron

We try and provide a mixed feast of entertainment at the club each month and whilst running the Pouppeville game, I managed to grab a few pictures of the other two tables with Steve M running his growing collection of French Indian Wars - Musket & Tomahawks game and Mr Steve getting the WWI aircraft out for some Wings of Glory action.

First up Steve's game with the wary Brits making slow and steady progress through the woods only to get ambushed on their way to the stockade. The French left that stockade well alone, I can't think why!

A formidable line of Redcoats garrison the stockade

Mr Steve et al took to the air over Flanders with some lovely WWI models. I remember when we used to have to buy plastic kits and put them together, but with this ready to go models why would you bother.