Sunday, 23 April 2017

Conquistadors - Donnybrook Style

Chas in his 'Salad Days' - Actually a fine study of a Conquistador by Barbara Weber
Game Report: Vince
Pictures: JJ

On a huge table, Chas took us back to his salad days with the Columbian Indians in the 16th century. In those days, Chas had gone native and decided to fight with the locals against the conquistadors.

Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada was leading a powerful column in search of Eldorado. Naturally I took the Spanish part, the first time I heard mention of GOLD!

Leaving a body of halberdiers, arquebusiers and mounted lancers to guard our supply column, our assault force sneaked up on the native village. Well, they sneaked as best a load of Europeans, wearing metal armour, in a jungle, can. Not to worry; we had God on our side and had brought bibles for the locals.

It was not long before the natives were firing arrows at our mule train guard and the lancers rode out to chastise them with a devastating charge. It certainly devastated our lancers and the supporting war dogs eating one of their horses didn't help matters. The light horse remembered they had left the gas on and headed back to Cartegena, Spain. Luckily the arquebusiers shot down enough natives to cool their ardour. The halberdiers took cover in the trees, as arrows rained down on them. The artillery piece supporting the attack on the village turned around and mowed down two Indians and a halberdier. Nice shooting boys.

Meanwhile, back at the village, Indians were pouring out of the stockade in an unfriendly fashion. Arrows were flying and musket balls went the other way. The Gentlemen heavy horse charged the natives, cutting down many, before dying to a man. More gold for the rest of us.

The mercenary sword and buckler men proceeded to charge the natives and cut a swathe through them with their nice steel weapons. A desperate struggle developed between Quesada with his retinue and a lot of Indians led by Indian head honcho, who was a bit tasty. Working on the "kill the easy naked guys first", Quesada & Co. cut down most of the Indians, but his retinue fell in the process.

Things looked rough for Quesada, facing near naked ninja guy (who sported a gold posing pouch) and three Indians, on his lonesome. At this point the gentlemen sword and buckler men arrived. They saved the day and sliced & diced the ‘injuns’ and top poser.

With the mule train guard, despite losing the halberdiers, mopping up their attackers and more sword and buckler types entering the village, Chas called for his litter bearers and made good his escape.

A varied game, exploring a wide range of small infantry tactics (including the mules round and round the mulberry bush tactic).

Donnybrook Rules

We played to Donnybrook rules, which gave a fast-paced game, which either side could have won. To be fair, Chas was unlucky and victory went more to tempered steel, than Spanish tactical superiority.


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