Friday, 25 February 2011

South African Rifle Co. vs 90th Light Panzergrenadiers

Hi all,
Steve and I played a FOW game last night, pitching South Africans against DAK in a throw together mission. We both came up with our own force lists up to 1500 points.

90th Light - Confident Veteran
2 x Panzergrenadier Platoons
1 x Heavy Weapons Platoon
2 x Pak 38
3 x Pz IIIG
1 x Pz IIIJ Long
3 x Sdkfz 222
4 x 10.5cm howitzer
Limited Air (Stukas)

South African Rifle Company - Reluctant Veteran
3 x Rifle Platoon
1 x HMG Platoon
2 x Valentine Troops (6 tanks)
Recce Troop (3 x Humber AC)
SP AT Platoon 3 x 2lbr portee
SP AA Platoon 3 x 40mm AA Bofors
RA Battery 4 x 25lbr
Limited Air (Hurribombers)

We randomly chose our mission which was Withdrawal and diced off for attacker/defender, with the Germans getting the defender role.

Steve opted for a night attack and advanced across the table towards the German position.

The Germans occupied a ridge in the centre with a patch of scrub on their left and a depression on their right. The three objectives were evenly spaced along the back edge slightly towards the German right.

We played 6 turns, with the Germans withdrawing their Panzers, which were held in ambush, and their artillery, whilst having one of the Panzergrenadier platoons destroyed in an assault.

The South Africans lost a Rifle Platoon, the Recce platoon and one rifle platoon being one base of 50% strength.

My Panzergrenadiers were almost permanently pinned throughout the game and would surely have inflicted even higher losses if they had managed some decent dice.

The final act before we totted up the score was the Stukas came in to the attack braving some bofors fire, only to break off because I stupidly left a group within 16 inches, doh!!!

Good game, German losses in points 14%, South Africans 21%


  1. Reluctant veterans ? A nasty little handicap.
    Still Valentines and 40mm Bofors. Very nice.

  2. Yes Reluctant Veterans are a bit tricky. You don't want to be moving around in the open being shot at when you are Reluctant, and they dont get the Normandy Veterans "Cautious not Stupid" rule. Steve was rather hoping to get to be the defender, but as we were both classed as Infantry Companies, it came down to roll of the dice.