Friday, 23 January 2015

Devon Wargames Group goes large with X-Wing

My original scenario had involved Jar-Jar Binks having to be rescued from a moon however I soon realised that both sides were planning to combine into one joint fleet and that also the inhabitants of the moon were prepared to blow themselves up just to get rid of this annoying tw*t. (Honestly, how much funny tobacco had George been smoking to come up with this character {apparently my lawyers have advised me that the answer is zero and it was a committee decision and nothing to do with Mr. Lucas}).
Therefore, here is version 2.

In a Galaxy far far away (I cannot do the scrolly thing so just use your imagination), two intrepid Rebel spies, cunningly disguised as journalists from Evil Dictator Monthly had arrived at Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer for an interview with the great man and whilst he was busy buffing up his helmet they naughtily stole the secret formula for his new improved asthma medicine. Making their excuses they quickly fled back to the rebel base which was hidden somewhere on the twin moons of Whipton.

Vader now had to urgently track them down as his current asthma prescription was running out, so he sneakily sent a package by Parcel Force addressed to: The Rebel base, care of the Twin Moons of Whipton, for a next day delivery, before 10.00am. Three weeks later it arrived and whilst Luke was signing for the delivery, the scouts who had secretly been following the delivery shuttle raced back to report on the location of the base. The waiting invasion fleet was now despatched, strengthened with one of the new Decimator ships and to make sure that everything went to plan, Vader went with them.

Meanwhile on the twin moons the Rebels had checked the senders address on the package so they knew now that they were in trouble , two A-Wings were therefore sent up and kept on constant patrol looking for the first signs of the expected Imperial fleet’s arrival , soon enough they picked up something on their scanners.

The A-Wings moved out to investigate the blips on their screens which turned out to be two Tie Interceptors on reconnaissance for the fleet , everyone then automatically said “Don’t let them get away to report back “and headed into combat . Quickly one of the A-wings was destroyed but the other ships then did very little damage to each other until the first wave of Imperial fighters started to arrive at the end of the board.

Strangely both sides scouts then simultaneously broke off to head back and report , the Rebels had spotted five Tie fighters lead by a Tie Advanced flying at maximum speed towards the Twin Moons and the Interceptors had seen five X-Wings just leaving orbit.

The two fighter squadrons engaged in combat along with the remaining scouts, A Tie Interceptor exploded and both sides took damage before the Imperials broke away and headed for the moons because they had just spotted another wave of rebel ships taking off consisting mainly of B-Wings and Y-Wings and which could be a much bigger threat to their plans; rather than follow them the X-Wings chose to engage the second wave of Imperial fighters that had now arrived, another five Tie fighters and Darth Vader himself in his Tie Advanced.

The battle split into two parts, the first Imperial squadron raced past the Rebel fighter-bombers, turned around and headed back, the Rebels tried to ignore them and flew flat out towards the now arrived Decimator; all their ships had been loaded up with missiles with the intention of tackling this big ship however the Tie fighters easily outpaced them and were snipping away from their rear. After three turns of this the Rebels realised that they either had to abort their plan or be destroyed so they turned back to take on the Tie’s following them, this was bad news for the Tie’s with two of them lost in exchange for the Y-Wing

Meanwhile further up the board the second wave quickly lost a Tie Fighter to the X-wings in first contact and then a pell-mell melee ensued whilst the Decimator, now accompanied by the remaining Tie Interceptor flew steadily on.

The Imperial second wave unfortunately at this stage got tunnel vision and concentrated on finishing off the 2 X-Wings fighting with them instead of following their orders and protecting the Decimator . The rebels had concentrated all their nearby remaining ships on taking it out and over several turns the prolonged fire from two X-Wings , the A-wing and two B-Wings quickly wore down its shields and then …

Boom !

Knowing it was now a lost cause the Imperial’s collected up their remaining ships and retreated with no one being too keen to be any where near Darth Vader .

Overall both sides’ losses were quite similar, with four rebels lost against six Imperial but the Rebels better shields helped them stay in the fight and survive long enough to take out the Decimator. 

Imperials = 15 ships
Rebels = 11 ships plus lots of unused toys
Points = 280 each
Thanks to Steve Land for the additional ships and all who took part

This was a Mr Steve production.

Stay tuned for 7YW in February.


  1. Nice to see the new Decimator out on table, mine is still in its box!

    Fun report, thanks!

    1. Cheers Herkybird, it is rather pretty. I think the X Wing model collection are what sets this game apart.

  2. Dirty Mr Steve, really dirty sci-fi. You should be ashamed.


  3. This from someone who spent more time watching our game than playing in the one he was in.

    1. I was just rubber necking at that car crash of a game you were running. It looked like you were herding cats !