Thursday, 7 July 2016

More Old Glory 7YW era Ottoman Pictures

As promised here are more pictures showing Old Glory's range of Ottoman figures for the 7YW era . This post covers the rest of the Infantry that I plan to use.

For Feudal Infantry which appeared in great numbers but were of little actual practical military use and who were seen more as human mules, I plan to use ' ROT: Irregular Poorly Armed Infantry' . These are from the Renaissance range and there are pictures of them already on the OG site .

Poorly Armed Infantry : 8 poses , no command

For their command I was planning to use the Renaissance Janissary pack as I want the cooking pot crew out of it however I dont think they will look right so instead I will buy ROT7 Irregular Infantry command 
Close up of the different Poses
 Next are Ottoman Janissaries SY01 . Not much to say on these figures , you get two poses , one with musket advancing and the other with a slung musket waving a sword.

Janissaries :2 poses and Command

Close up of Poses

Finally for today I have Bazi Bazooks SY04 , For my requirements I would have liked a few more swordsman instead of some of the muskets so I might swap the bows out of this pack and bring in some of the Poorly armed figures and also draft some of the muskets into an Azzar brigade to save on having to buy an extra pack.   

Bazi Bazooks: 4 poses and command
Close up of Poses

Thats it for now, I have also just got my hands on some new packs , Artillery, Generals and Cavalry so I will add them in later .

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