Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ottoman Generals and Artillery

So the next two packs I have opened up are :

Ottoman Generals SY012

12 Generals

Close up : 7 different Poses
 Ottoman Artillery SY011
6 Cannon : 3 x 2 types

Close up of each type and each Gunner

 The artillery is quite an interesting set but it isn't quite perfect for my needs . Its nice to get something I can use for the bigger old type guns (Sahi ,Balyemez) although I am currently at a loss to work out the version with two barrel positions. The smallest barrel in the pack looks a little too big to be used as an Abus gun but will probably do at a pinch and I would really have liked to have seen a large version mortar (Humbaraci) included.
The Hanoverian and French artillery sets both include mortars so I will probably use which ever one is the biggest but they are both a little small to represent siege versions..

If anyone knows of a large mortar in 15mm that would be suitable please let me know.

(Further research suggests Vexillia VXN032 might do the job)

The final two packs of Ottomans I  have to look at are some ordinary Siphai cavalry which I will show you with some others I bought from 'By Fire and Sword' , a very brief look suggests I might have a problem using both makes together as the horses seem different sizes. I will be doing do a comparrison picture anyway.

Last is a bag of Tartar Cavalry , I had planned to decide between the 7YW Tarters and their Renaissance ones to see which one was more suitable but as they only had the 7YW versions then that was an easy decision.When I eventually put up the pictures you can always have a look at Old Glorys Renaissance Tarters yourself as they do have pictures of these available on their site.     



  1. So True , and you still have one more post to come !

    Also I am now in a position to be able to announce that after lengthy negotiations the story of the day out I took to purchase all of these figures will be made available and hopefully will be coming to a blog near you in the very near future !