Tuesday, 28 February 2017

15mm 7YW manufacturer comparisons : Russian Command

Annoyingly I am one command stand short for my new 15mm 7YW Russian army and not wanting to buy another 50 figure pack from OG just for 4 figures I looked around for something suitable elsewhere . I also wanted to find an alternative to OG's Russian infantry standard bearers because as you will see in the pictures below they are ridiculously short in length.. Unfortunately although members on TMP said that Blue Moon and Eureka infantry were compatible, I couldn't find any pictures on what I actually wanted.
I therefore bought a pack of each so as to find out for myself.

Eureka : This first picture is of 300SYW305P  Russian Musketeer Command  . I choose the option to have 4 standard bearers instead of just 2  , dropping 2 NCO's

Pack Contents 8 x 18mm Eureka figures from Fighting 15's
Blue Moon :My pack had for some reason an extra NCO instead of my 2nd officer which was a little disappointing but you do get 4 standard bearers automatically and Fifers ! 
Pack Contents:12 x 15mm Blue Moon from Old Glory UK

 Next is a comparison shot of 4 manufacturers:  3 figures from each and just as an extra item I have tacked onto the end some Irregular Miniatures Prussian command I had in stock. How short is that OG Standard pole !

L to R:  Blue Moon , Old Glory , Eureka , Irregular

 The Final Picture is an approximate height comparison shot . 
L to R :  Blue Moon , Old Glory , Eureka .

Obviously you are now desperate for my opinion, Given that all my armies are made up from Old Glory which of the others would I use ?

Irregular is obviously too small as they are 15mm and don't mix with the bigger 18mm figures , Blue Moon is sold as 15mm but are much nearer 18mm , they are a little skinnier but would be OK'ish and the ones I bought will not go to waste however my choice would be Eureka as their height and thickness are pretty similar to Old Glory . There is something different in the way the figures look but its not easy to explain, I guess its probably as they are a newer range then their sculpting is perhaps a little sharper but that could just be my lack of coffee.
Another plus is that you can buy them in assorted smaller packs qty's of 8 or 24 and which would again save on having to get that extra one of the bigger 50 man OG packs .

Prices  Feb 2017:

Eureka : 8 figures for £4
Blue Moon : 12 figures for £6 

This has been a Mr Steve Production

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