Saturday, 16 December 2017

Dark Age Delights at the DWG

Regular followers of the club blog will know that with the size of club we have become in recent years we like to put on three or four historical period games at each month's meeting.

This month's meeting was a bit different as we traditionally have our end of year game, renamed this year in honour of Gus Murchie and so our normal sequence of posts covering our multiple games will not feature .

So to make up for what would have normally been another game post and to provide a little inspiration to keep painting over the Xmas break, I have put up some pictures of some of Nick's collection of 28mm Dark Ages figures that I photographed back in the summer of this year.

The club can boast of some lovely figure collections among the members and we have some very good painters and modellers among our number, Nick included.

The really nice thing about joining a club like the DWG is that you can get to try out periods and rules you might not have played before, meet and make new friends who share a similar passion and get to share and learn from others when the time comes that you would like to build a collection of your own.

The other great aspect is that when you want to get your new collection of toys out on the table you have a ready made set of friends who are just as eager as you to start playing and having fun.

If you are an experienced gamer with established collections and rules that you would like to play on a regular basis or if you are new to the hobby but keen to get involved then you are welcome to check us out.

If you are looking to join a Wargames Club and think the Devon Wargames Group might be for you, why not come and join us on one of our club meetings on the second Saturday in the month and try it out for free to see if it is for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our great hobby.

Happy Xmas and see you in 2018

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  1. Follow my banner, courageous men! Absolutly superb...