Saturday, 2 December 2017

WWI Air with Wings of Glory

Our fourth game this month was hosted by Mike who as a regular member of the 'Drome' likes nothing better than "to climb into his kite and take it to heaven and back five times a day", to quote Lord Flashheart, and that's the family version of that quote!

Lord Flashheart - Mike's other persona
Back in the day, WWI air was a regular feature of games played at the club and a large collection of 1/72nd, mainly Airfix, models were assembled using Blue Max as the game engine with our own hex mat of the Western Front.

Of course things move on and today anyone wanting to get into this period of gloriously painted war-birds wheeling over the trenches of Flanders need look no further than Wings of Glory who produce the stunning models in Mike's collection seen in action at the club and there are as you can see beautifully created mats for the game.

I love the passion that surrounds those into collecting the various squadron and jasta markings that characterised the aircraft of this period and Mike has a stunning collection with just a fraction of it here on show.

The rule system for the game is very slick and intuitive and makes for an easy play entertaining afternoon's gaming.

I was playing on the Dux Bellorum game but am lined up to have a play myself in the New Year and with a love of air-games in general might easily get a bit distracted with something like this.


  1. Awesome pictures, love this realistic and beautiful mat, and of course the planes...Superb!!

  2. Great game, we are having a bit of a resurgence here in Taunton recently as well. We had a three part game with a Zeppelin Straken bomber on a mission trying to bomb London (it missed but the plane survived).