Saturday, 12 June 2010

June Meeting

June saw a large Spanish Civil War skirmish run by Chas. It was an early war scenario, so both sides were seeking to grab territory and had fixed on taking a village.

Two Nationalist columns approached the centrally located village from opposite corners, whilst two Republican forces came from the other corners.

The Government army rushed into the village led by the brave POUM militia's armoured car and occupied as many buildings as they could.

The Foreign Legion led by Brett took the edge of the village and exchanged machine gun fire with the Assaultos armoured car and Malcolm's workers militia, that were lining the edge of a wood.

Elsewhere JJ's militia contested a wood on the opposite edge of town with the mad Moroccans led by Steve M, whilst Rob's Carlists rushed into the village and straight into hand to hand combat.

Following a vicious melee the remaining Carlists and miltia settled to firing at each other from the buildings.

All around the village a fire fight ensued, with both sides die rolls leaving a lot to be desired, although some Civil Guard who tried to double down the road wished they hadn't and the odd unit of militia was wiped out.

The POUM armoured car (the mobile chip shop) sat in the middle of the square, where it failed to see any of the combats around it !

Eventually Steve's Moroccans and Falange tried to throw JJ's militia out of the church, whilst the Carlists assaulted the POUM armoured car.

It was touch and go, but massed fire cut down the Carlists and Ian's Stalinist 5th Column supported by the Chip Shop gunned down the Moroccans at the church door. The respite allowed JJ's militia to halt the Falange and the the Nationalists, bolt well and truly shot, conceded.

I thought it was odd that, having waited for half the game, in the queue at the Chip Shop the Nationalists went home as soon as it opened for business.

A good game to "Rate of Fire" rules, run with a light touch by Chas.

It was nice to see 250 figures in a fast flowing 28mm skirmish game and it could easily have gone either way.

I think Malcolm and I were competing for the title of "Worst Shots in the Game". I think I won, as my guys were supposed to be professionals, although I will let him have the "Blind G*t" award, for failing to spot a small war happening within a 100 yards of his Chip Shop.