Monday, 24 August 2020

Clotted Lard 2020

With normal club activity suspended during the pandemic it was not unsurprising but hugely disappointing that the decision to cancel this year's holding of Clotted Lard was made, with, in this that would have been our third holding of the event we had twelve games scheduled together with about 60 attendees.

With the previous two shows the monies raised by our Lardy gathering was passed on to Combat Stress the veterans mental health charity and it was with great pleasure that despite the cancellation, the club was, thanks to the support of those intending to attend, able to pass on the money committed to the charity, which the club rounded up with an additional donation to bring the total raised to £400.

A copy of the letter from Robert Marsh, Director of Fundraising at Combat Stress acknowledging receipt of the monies is shown below and once again thank you to everyone involved in enabling the good work of Clotted Lard to continue in spite of a global pandemic and not being able to enjoy our normal day of wargaming with the Too Fat Lardies.

Normally with our Clotted Lard post I would have hoped to bring visitors to out club blog lots of eye-candy to outline the fun day of gaming and thought we should try to compensate in some way and so I have included some pictures of various projects club members have been focused on during the current restrictions and that get posted to our internal club IO Group forum.

This sample of pictures shows that although club life publicly is in stasis, work continues in the club to develop our joint collections which will enable us to create yet more fun on the table-top when things return to normal.

As well as additions to the Wars of the Roses/Medieval collections we also have examples of work in later periods including WWI/RCW 15mm figures as well as other collections spanning various historical periods and genres, that all point to the continuation of our hobby life away from club, but very much in anticipation of being able to get back together and enjoy the company and banter that is wargaming and what we enjoy doing.

It looks like restrictions on our communal way of life are likely to continue for the foreseeable, but I think these pictures help illustrate that the Devon Wargames Group is just hibernating through this period and will come back with yet more great games to enjoy and with an eye very much on hoping we might be able to play with our new collections at another Clotted Lard in September 2021.