Saturday, 20 July 2019

Target for Tonight, Chain of Command, Hammerin' Iron and Hail Caesar

Lot's of games were played at this month's July meeting of the club with a first report to be found over at JJ's Wargames where the Target for Tonight game reports are being gathered as part of the work to build the mini-campaign each game is part of, simulating the first month in the 'Battle of Berlin'.

JJ's WargamesTarget for Tonight - Op 3 Berlin

In addition to that we played Chain of Command with Colin's lovely collection of 1920's Punitive Actions in Afghanistan collection all in lovely 28mm.

Vince got some ACW naval action up and running with the Peter Pig rules 'Hammerin' Iron'.

And Mr Steve went all ancient on us with a game of Hail Caesar and his Romans vs Pontics set to.

So our first report is over on JJ's Wargames with others to follow later.