Wednesday, 12 May 2010

May is done, bring on June!

Last Saturday was probably the busiest day the club has had, in terms of numbers of games, for a long time. Four games were played by 14 people!

First up was an ancients game between one bunch with lots of chariots and another bunch with not so many chariots, using the Impetus rule set. Andy and Brett faced off against Vince and Chas. Then Vince left to watch Exeter City scrape a win and Chas, according to Vince, threw it all away. I'm guessing that means they lost.

In the far corner we have Guy and Eoghan playing the all new Warhammer Ancient Battles 2. Guy had a massed horde of barbarian types, who threw themselves onto the pikes of Eoghans successors and died! Oops.

In the centre was Jack and his son Charlie. AWI was the flavour of the month there, with Charlie commanding the British as they drove the damned rebellious colonials off the table.

The remaining 6 players were involved in a Napoleonic battle depicting a "what if" scenario from Waterloo, using Rank & File rules. A few gallant Allied units (8 units of 5 infantry, 2 units of 6 light cavalry and 4 batteries of artillery) faced off against a veritable horde of French (16 units of 6 infantry, 2 units 6 light cavalry, 2 units of 6 lancers, 2 units of 6 dragoons, 2 units of 6 cuirassiers and 8 batteries). The Prussians were "on the way", with 14 units of 4 infantry, 2 units of 6 light cavalry, 4 units of 6 heavy dragoons and 8 batteries. The allies held for long enough that, by the time the French had broken their line, the Prussians were rolling up the French right flank.

All in all it was a good day. Next month there will be a Spanish Civil War game from Vince and Chas, plus another ancients game from Nathan, Gus and myself, using Greeks this time though.

Sadly I didn't take my camera, so there are no pictures.