Saturday, 8 September 2012

Siege of Turin 7th September 1706 - Beneath the Lilly Banners

Our second game at this months club gathering saw a 28mm scenario using "Beneath the Lilly Banners". I have played these rules previously and know they work very well for the period covered.
Our scenario set during the War of Spanish Succession had the Imperial forces under Prince Eugene advancing to attack the French forces under Marshal Marsin laying siege to Turin.

The Bourbon forces were caught napping with their line of circumvallation still incomplete when the Imperial Army attacked. To reflect the surprise and effects of the siege on the French, their morale checks became subject to a negative modifier the closer the Imperialists came to their camp just behind the siege lines.

In addition they had to contend with a potential sally from the Turin garrison.

The following pictures give a flavour of the game showing the French coming out of their camp to meet Eugene's forces, with the subsequent fight in the middle of the table braking the French army and the siege.

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