Saturday, 28 May 2016

Washing the Spears - Final Zulu Warm-Up Game

This month, the third game run at the club was another warm-up game for our Summer Time Excursion to Chez Chas in North Devon where this year's game will be Zulu themed.

For our big games the stress is very much on playability and fun and therefore warm-up games are very important to stress test the rules and fine tune the scenario parameters so that we are all ready to go on the day.

I grabbed a selection of pictures from the game and present them as a warm up for the full thing next weekend with an AAR to follow on JJ's Wargames

Oh and it wouldn't be a Zulu game if we didn't warm up the best quotes for the day.

Zulu's in sight, the British Imperial force circles the wagons
Capt. Frederick Scheiss - "A Zulu regiment can run fifty miles and fight a battle at the end of it" - Pvt. William Jones - "Well there's daft, it is then. I don't see no sense in running to fight a battle".
Bromhead - "You mean your only plan is to stand behind a few feet of mealie bags and wait for the attack?"
Pvt. Thomas Cole - "Why is it us? Why us? - Col.Sgt. Bourne - "Because we're here lad, Nobody else. Just us"
Lt. John Chard (The Zulus are chanting before their final charge) - "Do you think the Welsh can't do better than that, Owen?" Pvt. Owen - "Well they've got a good bass section, mind, but no top tenors, that's for sure."
Col.Sgt. Bourne - "Mark your target, face your front"
Lt. Gonville Bromhead - "Sixty! We dropped at least sixty, wouldn't you say?" Adendorff - "That leaves only 3,940"
Col.Sgt. Bourne - "A prayer is as good as a bayonet on a day like this."
Lt. John Chard - "The army doesn't like more than one disaster in one day." Bromhead - "Looks bad in the newspapers and upsets civilians at their breakfast."
Col.Sgt. Bourne - "It's a miracle." Lt. John Chard - "If it's a miracle, Colour Sergeant, it's a short chamber Boxer Henry point 45 calibre miracle." Col.Sgt. Bourne - "And a bayonet, sir, with some guts behind."

And finally when it's all over and the roll call of survivors is taken.
Colour Sergeant Bourne - "Hitch.... Hitch, I saw you. You're alive."
Pvt. Fred Hitch - " I am? Oh, thanks very much."

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  1. Fantastic - just can't be played without the quotes.