Sunday, 14 June 2015

Waterloo Bi-Centenary Game, 1815 - 2015

Whilst busily involved in my own game working through the intricacies of Sword & Spear, Nathan was leading our club tribute to the significant anniversary that takes place next week commemorating the Allied victory over the Imperial French forces of Napoleon at Waterloo on the 18th June 1815.

As a club we are not over endowed with collections suitable for re-fighting the Hundred Days Campaign and so it is a great tribute to Nathan's efforts that yesterdays little skirmish, when compared with the forces involved was pulled together.

As an admirer of the great Duke and a Napoleonic enthusiast myself I am very proud that our club was able to field some fine looking units that with the terrain involved was very reminiscent of the fighting around Ligny.

Anyway the rules used were Lasalle and I gather highlights included French lancers taking a face full of cannister whilst trying to charge allied guns and some Dutch light cavalry performing way above their pay grade. Both Nick and I grabbed some pictures of the action.

Other pictures of the game courtesy of Nick


  1. Nice looking game, armies are splendid!

  2. Thanks Phil.
    I thought, considering we don't have large collections of Waterloo suitable figures the game really caught the look of the campaign.