Saturday, 14 August 2010

August Meeting

This month saw a big turnout of 11 club members and 3 "casuals".

Two games ran, with JJ putting on a D-Day beach landing scenario in 15mm, whilst I ran the "Magnificent Seven" in 28mm.

Jack gave a painting master class. Given the quality of his painting I certainly took note !

In Normandy the Allies were having trouble getting parked in town. Things weren't helped by "Jabos" that wouldn't tolerate any loitering on the sand (when the RAF appears we duck, when we see the USAF everyone ducks, when the Luftwaffe is in the sky no one ducks). Last I saw the assault force was still making sand castles.

Meanwhile in Mexico Yul Brunner had decided that "no one throws me my guns and says run. No one." He led the other six to rescue the oppressed peasants the Evil ChasCalvera was holding hostage in the church (I guess the Yanks thought if someone was oppressing Mexicans it should be them).

Britt and Chris passed the blind Mexican sentry and Britt's throwing knife made sure one bandit would never see the dawn. Unfortunately Banditos never sleep alone and his bed fellow emptied his gun at the Hollywood stars. Yul Brunner and James Coburn would never take bit parts and remained unscathed, slaughtering their opponent in the ensuing hand to hand combat (two on one ? Hardly the American way).

On the other side of the village Chico (Horst Buchholz - who ?), Harry Luck (Brad Dexter) and Bernardo O'Reilly (Charles Bronson), were shooting it out with the 20 or so bandits rushing their way.

It was all too much for Chico, who went down in a moment of youthful inpetuosity and would never get to marry the local girl (never mind, she wasn't all that anyway).

Lee (Robert Vaughn), was struggling with his own demons, as he hid shaking at the sight of the first Bandit he saw. Luckily for him his "fearsome reputation" meant few bad guys would willingly face his six gun.

In a touching display Chris and Britt stuck close together as they moved on, gunning down everyone who tried to block their progress to the church. At least one bandit's dying breath was "but I was behind a wall". That won't help you in the sixties version of the wild west mate, you don't even get a mention in the credits !

Charles Bronson obviously had a death wish as he duked it out with 3 mexicans, killing them all with his star quality. Eventually Chas Calvera killed him with his "dirty fighting" as Mr Bronson tried to protect the children. Boo, Hiss.

The final scene saw Brad Dexter beat Calvera to death (all the messy stuff occured off camera), whilst Robert Vaughn found his nerve and came good in the end, abley assisted by Steve McQueen, whilst Yul Brunner and James Coburn released the grateful peasants from captivity.

I'm sure there is message in the sub-text here.

Many thanks to Chas, Guy, Steve M, Steve H and Eoghan who bore it all with good humour and bad acting.


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