Monday, 20 January 2020

Lion Rampant Scenario - A Bloodbath! Huns v Romans

A large force of marauding Huns and their allies were brought to battle by a Roman force determined to wipe out these daring raiders.

Each side took stock of the other. The Huns had the initiative and moved skirmishers with bows into woods on their right flank to support their force of light spear. In their centre the medium spears formed shieldwalls with the intimidating Hun cavalry covering the left flank. The warlord and his companions took up position to the rear of the centre ready to support and plug any gaps.

The Romans came on very strongly sending their light and medium cavalry on their right flank against the Hun cavalry on the Hun left flank. The Huns responded by shooting into the oncoming Roman cavalry, but their arrows either fell short or were poorly aimed and had little effect.

The Roman skirmishers moved into the centre and started targeting the Hun skirmishers resulting in some modest losses on each side. The Hun left flank was sorely pressed by the Roman cavalry and the Hun cavalry consistently failed to make their shooting tell. As gaps started to appear in the Hun left flank, the Hun warlord and his companions plugged the gap and entered the fray.

Meanwhile the Roman warlord with his companions and a unit of medium spear were threatening the Hun's right flank which comprised light spear and skirmishers, no match for the heavier Roman spear and companions. The Hun right flank formed a shieldwall and waited.

In the Hun centre, the shieldwalls charged the Roman light horse and foot skirmishers who successfully evaded the charges and shot arrows into the Hun medium spear causing some casualties.

The Roman right flank was also pressing home an advantage and having wiped out a unit of Hun cavalry and reducing another to half strength, the Roman Cataphract, surged forward and attacked the Hun warlord and his companions, taking heavy casualties in the process, the Cataphracts eventually wiped out the Companion unit killing the warlord.

Despite the loss of their leader, the Hun force fought on however when their medium spear in the centre failed a courage test and fled the field, all fight went out of the badly battered, bruised and greatly diminished Hun force and the remaining units turned and ran from the battlefield.