Sunday 8 May 2022

Devon Wargames Group - Games Roundup, Some of the Other Games Played January to April 2022

The Devon Wargames Group is a vibrant fast-growing club with nearly forty members and, since before the 2020 lockdown, regularly welcoming new prospective members every couple of months, which now seems to have recently increased to one a month.

The club is really keen to encourage and help members new to historical wargaming and just getting started building their own collections to come along and run games of their own and so with an increasing membership we now aim to run three to four games at each meeting, with familiar game organisers now joined by new members, some running their first games, which is really great to see.

The growth in the club has also seen in recent years, the addition of extra meetings between January and April with two meetings held in those first months of a new year, instead of our usual once a month arrangement.

The club blog is our record of club life and the games we like to play, but with the rapid increase in the number of those games it is not always possible to illustrate them all, particularly when we have our busy start to the year and so this post will partly rectify that situation with a roundup of some, (not all, as I just didn't get time to take pictures of all of them) of the other games that were run alongside the others that have been featured this year.

The club is blessed with members who bring a passion to their chosen subject demonstrated in the games they produce that are a feast for the eye with attention to detail and always played in the spirit that characterises the club, one of inclusivity, friendship and bags of fun and laughs. 

Mad Dogs - Vince

Chain of Command - Mike & Colin

Star Wars - Chris (running his first game at club)

Battle of Isandlwana 142nd Anniversary game, Sharp Practice - Nathan

Chain of Command - Bob

Battle of Plowce 1331, Swordpoint - Vince, Chas & Andy

Bolivar vs the Spanish, Muskets & Tomahawks II - Chas

Chain of Command - Nathan

These games and the eleven other games featured in posts of their own between January and April of this year well illustrate the standard of club game we are able to produce, together with the variety of historical themes and scales and it's been a really fun start to what we are all looking forward to, namely a full calendar of club gaming in 2022, following the interruption to our normal routine in recent times.

More anon.


  1. Splendid looking games and collections! Nice to chat to some of you at Legionary yesterday 😎
    Matt (& Orange Dave)

  2. Hi Matt & Orange Dave, Thanks for your comment and saying hello at Legionary and glad you enjoyed the post. JJ