Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Maximillian Adventure - Sharp Practice in Mexico

The town of La Cipirtea has had unwelcome visitors of late. A French force has been using it a base of operations while sweeping the surrounding hills for signs of Republican forces. The main column left some time ago and the wiley Mexican commander, Hugo de Lardon has decided to sieze the town and lie in wait for their return. But first he has to deal with the Foreign legionnaires who have been left guarding the makeshift barracks.

The Mexicans had a much superior force in number but their quality and leadership was well below that of the French. 7 Groups of Regulars, split into 3 formations, 2 Groups State Militia and 4 groups of National Guard plus, 2 groups of skirmishers and 1 light gun. The Mexicans rolled for random table edge entry but they ended up all coming on the same short table edge behind the Church.

The French force was chiefly Foreign Legion with 2 Groups of Fusiliers, 1 Group of Grenadiers and 2 groups of Voltigeurs (these last 2 were the garrison in town). In addition there were two groups of Zouave's and a group of Chasseurs D'Afrique.
The French got to choose which building they were going to use as their barracks and opted for the Cantina, and then they managed to deploy both skirmisher units in there straight away. That's about the only thing that went right for them for the rest of the game.

The FFL skirted round the outskirts of the town, moving cautiously through the back yard fields to try and get to the Cantina. The Zouave's were brining up the rear of the column and were spooked by a noise. Convinced someone was trying to sneak up on them they turned round and spent the next few phases peering off into the distance before they eventually rejoined the fray.

The Chasseurs trotted into the outskirts of town, full of bravado.

But soon the republicans could be seen infiltrating the edge of town. The Legionnaires in the cantina attempted to keep the republicans at bay but could they bring enough firepower to bare....?

As more and more Mexicans appeared...

Trying to clamber over the makeshift barriers that the French had raised to slow them down.

Faced with large units of infantry lining up to give them a volley of rifled musketry, the Chasseurs started to doubt their earlier decisiveness and found that wherever they turned there seemed to be hordes of angry Mexicans.

The FFL dithered on the outskirts and started to exchange fire advancing Mexican units. The Grenadiers suffered a rush of blood to head and sprinted off towards the centre of town.

The appearance of the Light Gun behind the advancing regulars filled the FFL with trepidation...

And on the other side of town the La Lardon led his troops from behind like any good commander.

The FFL forced their way into the Adobes either side of the street next to the Cantina while the Grenadiers and Voltigeurs attempted to pour fire into the Mexican centre.

It was obvious that the Mexicans were trying to envelope the Brave Legionnaires. And hearing the cries of the wounded, the Zouaves gave up their fruitless vigil and headed towards the town to provide some support.

But the Grenadiers having lost their officer and, having suffered 50% casualties, struggling under the pressure were forced to fall back. The Voltigeurs also lost their Officer and decided to abandon the Cantina in order to fall back to better positions where they could be supported by the rest of the Legionniares and the sole remaining Legion Officer. 

The Leading mexican unit, a National Guard formation was left battered outside the church, unable to move and blocking the way for the rest of the republicans behind.

Seeing the struggling Mexicans, the Chasseurs thought them the ideal target to help assauge their dented honour and moved out into the main street and began to canter towards the weary republicans.

By the time they smashed into the shocked Jauristas, they were at the Gallop and ripped through the terrified peons. Their remnants scattered leaving their compatriots shocked but vengeful.

Having delivered their dreadful charge the Chassuers attempted to move out of harms way, only to be gunned down by the regulars moving up into the space left by the National Guard. The unit was destroyed and the French Morale plummeted to zero, leaving the Mexicans Jubilant and the Pantalones Rojos dumbfounded!

A great game which left the French Commanders floundering from the off. They could never get the concentration of fire that they needed and the dice were just endlessly cruel to them. All the Random events were kind to their opponents but devastating to them. Maybe the French could do with some reinforcements. 


  1. Terrific stuff! I'm firmly of the opinion that the Maximilian Adventure was made for Sharp Practice.

  2. Love this conflict. Very beautiful.