Thursday 19 January 2023

Muskets and Tomahawks - Redcoats and Tomahawks - Hold the crossroads


The Continental Army is deployed to protect an important crossroads which they must hold in order to keep their supply lines open. The Crown forces’ objective is to drive off the Continentals and seize the road in order to close off this valuable supply route. This is a straightforward Battle scenario taken from the Redcoats and Tomahawks supplement. 

With a group of civilians safely ensconced in a house besides the cross roads, the Continentals take positions behind fences and whatever cover they can find. Their force is comprised of three units of regulars (Valley Forge option), a unit of Light Infantry and militia (Trained option) together with two units of Rifles and a light field piece. The cannon is placed behind fencing in a paddock affording it light cover on the Continental left flank. The Continentals are also supported by a unit of Regular French Infantry. 

The Crown deploy their forces with a unit of Light Infantry and Grenadiers on their right flank. In the centre are two units of regular infantry and a unit of Loyalist (Tories) Provincial infantry. On the left flank a large unit of Queen’s Rangers and Hessian Jaegers take cover in the woods which affords them light cover. 

It is the Crown force who is attacker and they quickly move their Light Infantry on the right flank to give them added protection. The Grenadiers, being Grenadiers, start to march up a hill which had previously hidden their presence from the enemy. The hill provides no cover Similarly, the regulars move into a corn field to take advantage of the cover, while the Queens Rangers progress through the woods on the Crown left flank. As Crown forces become visible, the continentals open up with musketry and cannon. The Grenadiers take a casualty, but remain firm in their resolve to continue forward. A fire fight ensues across the whole table, but their are minimal losses on both sides. 

At the end of the first turn, hidden movement markers appear in the woods on each of the Crown’s flanks. These are four units of Mohawk indians who are allies of the British. The Crown forces now start to put pressure on the Continentals’ flanks. The Queen’s Rangers attack out of the woods and being closer to the enemy, their musket fire has more effect and the Continental militia who appear to have been singled out for particular attention, start to take casualties. On the right flank the, the British Light Infantry fire on the French Regulars who return fire and there are losses on both sides. Meanwhile, in the centre the regulars in the corn field hold their ground and exchange fire with the Continental infantry. The Grenadiers move forward down the hill, but are forced back by a combination of cannon and musket fire. 

On the Continental left flank, two units of Mohawks break cover. One unit charges towards the French regulars, but is driven back by the sheer weight of musketry. The second unit of Mohawks however, has more success and charges the Continental’s cannon throwing tomahawks before leaping the fence and going into melee with the gunners. Three of the gunners are killed and the last beats a hasty retreat. Although the cannon is now effectively removed as a threat, the Mohawk now face the combined wrath of the French Regulars and the Continental light infantry who fire on them causing serious casualties and forcing them to retreat. 

On the Crown left flank the Queen’s Rifles continue to exchange fire with the militia and Continental regulars and at the same time their two units of Mohawk allies break cover. One unit attempts to hit a unit of close order Continental Regulars in the flank while the other heads straight for the Continental front line. It is at this point that the Continental Regulars pour volley fire onto the enemy units in front of them. Although this causes minimal casualties, all the units hit have to test morale and the unit of Mohawks charging the line turns and flees. The other unit of Mohawk attempting to out flank the Continentals is driven off by musket fire which reduces their unit by half. 

As the battle rages, a unit of Militia on the Continental right flank which has been consistently targeted by the British Regulars and Queen’s Rangers, throws in the towel and quits the field. This gap is promptly filled by a unit of Continental Regular infantry. The Crown forces have taken significant casualties across the battlefield. Their two flank attacks have been effectively repulsed by the Continental army which remains in good order and apparently determined to deny the Crown Forces their objective. Although the Crown forces are far from spent and continue to pose a threat, it is clear to their commanders on the field that they are not going to be able to drive off the Continentals and seize the crossroads and so a general retreat is sounded and the Continental Army remains victorious.


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  1. So I saw this game in the store, but wasn't sure about it, and when I looked it up I found it uses cards. Do those come with the book or do you have to buy them separately?