Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Firestorm Normandy Campaign End Turn 1

The four beach landings have been completed and Steve and I have brought the map up to date with the exploitation, march and strategic moves. Despite the loss on Gold beach, the armour from Juno exploited into the area to secure the British landings. The US paras on Utah enabled the US armour to exploit to St Jours and strengthen the US forces around Carentan and support a US move to cut off the Cherbourg peninsula. Allied air helped keep the Cherbourg garrison bottled up and minimise the German moves against Arromanches, however SS Panthers (2nd SS) are in the Foret de Cerisey and the SS PzIV (12th SS)is opposite Arromanches in the Bretteville area. The StugIV representing 17thSS has moved to La Haye to threaten US attempts to close on Barneville. The 21st PzIV moved into Mezidon opposite the British paras in Merville. A solid Allied landing should give a good platform for expanding the bridgehead in turn 2. As a side note, I like the way Firestorm allows a campaign structure to bring together games played as time allows. The campaign started last August and the battles have been fought as stand alone games but have contributed to the map positions recorded. Jon

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